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JazzCode´s Prepare Produce class – room requirements

In order to run a successful class for 12-24 participants, we need a large conference room with daylight and good ventilation.  Don´t book a cramped room or skimp on supplies!  It will diminish the experience and make it much harder for the groups to function.

Must have:  Large conference room 

  1. Tables: Groups of four seated around group tables.  Each participant will need room to take notes and need to be see the other participants,
  2. A small table w/ chair for the instructor facing the class (make sure the cable from the computer to the projector is long enough to allow the instructor to sit directly in front of the class!).  Make sure there are at least three power-outlets next to the instructor´s table.
  3. For each table:  A stack of flip-overs with adhesive/glue on the back, to hang on the wall when filled out).  Ample supply of post-it notes (3×5 inches and 2×1.5) and thin markers  — not bullet point pens — for each table.
  4. On the side of the room: wall space to hang flips-overs (please remove paintings, posters and other wall decorations; we will need space to discuss group exercises).
  5. One name tag for each participant to be filled out with black marker and placed in front of each participant.
  6. A projector projecting towards one or more screens in front.  VGA cable and micro-jack for audio is also needed as is speakers to play audio from a computer.
  7. Ample supply of fresh water fruits, coffee, and snacks. Usually we will need coffe and fresh fruit around 0945 and 1445.  Lunch at 12-1230.
  8. Wireless internet connection (if not available, please inform Carl in advance).

Please contact Carl Stormer if you have questions regarding requirements.  +4792280846 or +1 (707) 676-3883

Shows the layout of a room.
Shows the layout of a room.
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